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Chairman Mr. Vinod Kr. Yadav

Chairman Mr. Vinod Kr. YadavChairman Mr. Vinod Kr. Yadav, is a prominent Social Worker who has received various awards including the Delhi Ratna Award consecutively in the year 2002 and 2003. He is a dedicated person who has devoted his life in the welfare of the people. He came to Delhi and started to build his career from a small job. He then started climbing ladders of success and slowly but steadily reached it. But one thing that he never forgot in the journey of his success was the help to others. He, believes that the position he has attained today is purely because of others blessings.

He started his life from a remote village in Mainpuri District (UP, India). His father Late Sh. M.D. Yadav, 'Mukhiya' of Village Panchayat at that time, was a wise man. He always saw a dream of Literate and Educated India and took many steps and activities to spread the Light of Education, but due to some problems was not able to perform at a bigger level. Vinod Yadav always tried to fulfill this dream but he got the idea in 2004, when he decided to establish an Educational Society that will look after the aims and dreams as sown by his father.

When asked about Society, he said: "My father always told me that Success can be achieved by anyone. But Success in its true meaning is that which is achieved by helping others and with their blessings. Whatever I did was just on his words. I realized that what he said was A Reality of This World, and the happiness and satisfaction you get by this, there is no other such thing in this world"

Hence with the sole aim of helping others and spreading education in the world he established a society and named Raj Mata Educational Society as an small to fulfill the dreams and a small dedication to his heavenly parents. The society is now imparting free Quality Education to more then 400 students of Down Trodden and extremely poor sections of the society and has been organizing various Camps and Programs to create awareness, as well as many other type of Socio-Economic help is also provided

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