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Raj Mata Educational Society,(Regd), India, is a non-governmental organization (NGO), which is a voluntary citizens' group, organized on a local, national level to address issues in support of the public good. It is task-oriented and made up of people with a common interest. The Soviety performs a variety of services and humanitarian functions like - it brings citizens' concerns to Government, monitor policy and programme implementation, and encourage participation of civil society stakeholders at the community level.

Raj Mata Educational Society was established in the year 2004, with the target of creating Educated, Dependent and Happier India. The Society was thus established with the mission and is registered under Society Registration Act of 1860. The Foundation has 80G certificate, meaning that all the donations and contributions will be exempted under Tax Relief Income Tax Act of India.

The Society is running various activities such as Free Educational Activities, Medical Camps and Workshops on AIDS awareness. The main center of the Foundation was intentionally chosen to be Badarpur, Delhi, which is one of the worst and completely Undeveloped Areas of Delhi and where the section of people that live is much below the developed line. The majority of people here cannot afford to send their children to schools or to have satisfactory level of Medical Treatment. Hence the society tries to sort out all the problems of the area.

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