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Economic Empowerment Programs

Economic Empowerment refers to creating a strong economic base of the people. Not only does it provide them Economical Support but also makes them understand how to best utilize their money. For this Purpose the Socciety organizes Workshops and Seminars from time to time to explain them as:

  • How to get rid of high Interest Rates of Local Moneylenders and take loans from banks on easy and simple conditions
  • To explain what are the common and basic services Government is providing to poor people and how to utilize them the best.
  • To help people understand how to best utilize the Principle Amount they have in various small trades so that not only they pay back loans, but also live a better life.
  • Also to organize Free counselling Camps for depressed people who are not able to balance their lives by highly skilled experts.
Apart from these necessary activities are performed from time to time.

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Thursday, May 19, 2022